How to Restart Sims On My Computer

by Monica Byron

You've created cities and people, but now you just want to start over. You can restart or reset your Sims world without uninstalling the entire game. The Sims is a computer video game series created by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. The game allows you to create a virtual world by building cities and creating people with families and friends. Even if there are corrupted files in the game, this method will restart the game as if it had just been installed.

Close the game and all other associated programs, such as SimPE, Bodyshop and Datgen.

Open the "My Documents" folder by double-clicking it on the desktop.

Double-click on the "EA Games" folder.

Right-click on the "Sims 2" folder and select delete.

Restart the game. Be patient if the screen appears to freeze as the game regenerates new folders.


  • close This method will delete all downloads, lots, custom content and Sims completely.

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