How to Restart a Dead iPod

by Chappy Sinclair

As popular as iPods have become, they have never been known for their reliability. Outside of random lock-ups, a common issue with iPods is that they choose not to boot properly (or at all). Getting your iPod to access iTunes will allow you to fix most booting problems.

Reviving the iPod


"Soft" reset the iPod. Toggle the hold switch off and on and then quickly press the menu and center button.


Hit the center button followed by the play button to put it in disc mode.


Connect the iPod to your computer to revive it. ITunes will recognize that it is in recovery mode and advise you to restore it. Choose "Restore."


Wait for the process to finish. Depending on the amount of content you have on your iPod, this may take a while. When the iPod is restored, it will be fully functional again.


  • check If you have an older iPod that simply won't come on, try leaving it on the charger (wall chargers work faster). Let it continue to charge longer than what is normally required.

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