How to Resize Pictures for Model Mayhem

By Andrew Todd

Model Mayhem is a website that brings together aspiring and current models with other models, photographers, image editors and other members of the modeling industry. The website allows each member to post pictures on her profile, although it places a size limitation on the pictures. If an picture's longest side is larger than 800 pixels, the picture is automatically reduced in size. While this may be convenient, the downside is that when the picture is resized, the EXIF data, which provides information about the particular picture such as copyright, model and photographer credits, is removed from the file. If you are not concerned about retaining the EXIF information on the file, upload the picture to the server. But if you would like to keep the EXIF information, you must resize the pictures to less than 800 pixels on the longest side prior to uploading. There are many picture-editing programs that allow you to quickly resize your pictures, including Photoshop, Gimp and IrfanView.

Open Photoshop, Gimp or IrfanView. Click "File" and then select "Open." Navigate to the picture that you would like to resize and click "Open."

Click "Image" at the top of the program window and then select "Image Size," "Scale Image" or "Resize/Resample," depending on the program that you are using.

Select "Pixels" from the image size drop-down menu or list.

Click the image of a chain to close the chain, which preserves the image's aspect ratio. If using IrfanView, place a check mark beside "Preserve aspect ratio."

Change the largest value, either the height or the width, to 799 or less. The other value will automatically change to the correct number of pixels necessary to maintain the aspect ratio.

Click "OK" to save your changes and resize the image.

Click "File" and then select "Save As." Enter a new name for your image and select "JPEG" from the file-type drop-down menu, if it is not already selected. Click "Save" to save your resized image.