How to Resize a Picture with Epson Scan

By Ricky Gee

Epson Scan is a software application that comes included with Epson scanners and all-in-one printers featuring scanners. Epson Scan offers a variety of various settings and scan modes, such as full auto mode, home mode and professional mode that allow you to customize your scans. Although it is possible to resize an image file with image editing software after scanning it, Epson Scan allows you to choose a resolution size for the image before you scan it.

Launch the Epson Scan software.

Click the "Other" radio button if you are in home mode in order to select a resolution. In professional mode, resolution is changeable at any time.

Click the drop-down menu next to "Resolution" in order to change it. Selecting a higher resolution results in a larger image size.

Click the drop-down menu next to "Target Size" to alter it. Choose a target size greater than "Original" to enlarge the image.

Click the "Preview" button to confirm that the resolution and size you selected is appropriate. Click the "Scan" button to scan your image.