How to Resize Frames in Dreamweaver

by Contributor

Dreamweaver makes the process of creating a frameset on your webpage quick and easy. When you first create a frameset, you will be given two frames that are the same size. You will probably want to resize one or both of these frames to get the look you want for your website. Follow the steps below to resize those Dreamweaver frames.

Start Dreamweaver. Open an existing document that already contains a frameset, or start a new HTML blank document and choose the "Modify" button, point to "Frameset" and click on one of the options to add frames to your document.

Notice that you have at least two frames, now. The border of the frame is marked by the solid gray line, which is called a frame border.

Click and hold on the frame border with your mouse and drag it either to the left, right, up or down.

Watch the column value in your Properties palette as you are dragging the frame border to see the size of the frame. This appears by default in pixels but you can change it to a percentage or relative value, if you would like.

Release your mouse when you have the frame the size that you want.

Click on the new frame you have resized in the "Frames" palette to bring up the frame properties in the "Properties" palette.

Use your mouse to click the checkbox in front of "No resize" to make sure that a visitor cannot change the size of your frames when they are visiting your website.


  • check If you don't see a frame border, right-click somewhere on the page and choose "Frame Properties" from the menu. Click on the "Frames Page..." button and put a check in the checkbox for "Show Borders."
  • check Click on the "Window" menu to show your "Properties" and "Frames" palette if you don't already have them open on your screen.

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