How to Find a Resident Address

By Stacy D. Cooper

The Internet can be a useful tool when you are searching for a resident address.
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Trying to reconnect with past friends and acquaintances or discover their addresses to send them a greeting card has been made simple with the progression of technology. You no longer need to live in the same town as a person you are looking for. You may not find the person's address in the first five minutes, but with a little bit of persistence most people can be found with a telephone and/or computer with Internet access.

Look in your local phone book. You may find a relative of the person who you are looking for or even the person.

Look the person up in the city directory. A city directory is an extensive list of residents, businesses and addresses. Many directories have been electronically compiled at the U.S. City Directories website (see Resource). Not all cities publish directories online, but if you visit your local public library, you should be able to find a print or microfilm copy.

Search for the address by visiting a website like White Pages or Yellow Pages and entering the person's name and the city and state where she lives. After you press "Enter," a list of possibilities will appear or you will be told there was no match for the information you listed.

Join Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. If you find the person online you can send him an email or private message requesting his address. Another option might be to read the person's profile information because many people post their home address and phone number.

Pay a website to find the information for you. Websites such as People Finders and Public Records now gather information about the name you enter for a fee ranging from--as of 2010--$10 to $20. The sites search public information sites to compile information that may include the resident address.