How to Reset a Westinghouse Remote Control

By Terry Parker

Reset an RCA Remote
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Westinghouse programmable remote control devices can be programmed to operate hundreds of components, from DVD players to TVs. If you purchase a new component, or if you find that your Westinghouse remote control has been programmed in error, you can reset your remote control to factory settings for the component type, or you can clear all programming from the device. Once you clear the programming from your remote control, you can reprogram the device for your existing components.

Reset One Component

Step 1

Press and hold the component button for the component you would like to reset. For example, press and hold the “TV” button to clear the programming for the TV.

Step 2

Press and hold the “OK” button while holding the component button. The mode buttons flash.

Step 3

Release the component and “OK” buttons once the mode buttons stop flashing. The selected component codes are clear and ready for reprogramming.

Reset All Codes

Step 1

Remove the battery cover from the back of the remote control.

Step 2

Remove the batteries from the remote control.

Step 3

Press a component button and hold the button for about a minute to drain any remaining power from the device. Allow the device to sit for one or two minutes.

Step 4

Replace the batteries into the back of the remote control and replace the battery cover. The remote control is now reset and ready to be reprogrammed for your components.