How to Reset a Volkswagon Jetta Alarm

By Steve Paraskavo

There are a few ways to shut the alarm off.
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Anti-theft car alarms are on virtually every car on the road today, and unfortunately it has become a custom to hear one go off in the middle of the night. The sensitivities of after market alarms can be manually set so that the slightest movement can trigger them to go off. However, the anti-theft car alarms on the Volkswagen Jetta are set at the factory, so that if they go off it is usually for a good reason. Whether it be a break-in or hitting the panic button, the alarm can be turned off by using the factory remote key.

Locate the keyless entry flip key. It has 5 buttons on it, one to extend the key, one to arm the system, one to disarm the system, one to pop open the trunk and a panic button.

To turn the alarm off, press the "disarm key" twice which is at the bottom of the remote key. If the alarm does not turn off, get closer to the car. In case the batteries are dull and press the "disarm key" twice again.

If the alarm is still going off, insert the key into the drivers side door and open it, and this will shut the alarm off.

If entry into the car can be made with the key and this does not turn the alarm off, pop open the hood and use a wrench to loosen the battery cable. This will cause the alarm to receive no power and it will shut off in a minute when the power is drained from the system.