How to Reset the Transfer Kit on a HP 4700

By Bonnie Conrad

Replace the transfer kit when you see the control panel message.
i Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images

Laser printers like the Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4700 include a number of user-replaceable parts, including the toner and fuser cartridges. When the time comes to replace the transfer belt and transfer roller, users can do that maintenance as well. Owners of LaserJet 4700 printers can save themselves a lot of money by ordering a transfer kit and installing it themselves.

Shut down the HP LaserJet 4700 and remove the power cord from the back of the unit. Let the printer sit for at least 30 minutes, since the components inside the unit can get quite hot.

Open the front cover of the LaserJet 4700 and swing it up until it cannot go any further. Pull the transfer belt tray out. The transfer belt is located at the bottom of the printer; you can access it once the front cover is open.

Lift the old transfer belt out of the printer and set it aside. Remove the new transfer belt from its protective packaging, being careful not to touch the surface of the belt. Handle the belt only by the sides. Remove any packaging materials used to protect the transfer belt in transit.

Lower the transfer belt into the tray until it snaps into place. Close the transfer belt drawer.

Lift the toner cartridge out of the LaserJet 4700. Lift the flap located just under where the toner cartridge was.

Use the small plastic hook that came with the LaserJet 4700 transfer kit to lift the right hand side of the transfer roller. Pull the used transfer roller to the right, then lift it carefully out of the printer.

Open the new transfer roller from the transfer kit. Do not touch the transfer roller with your hands. Slide the left hand side of the transfer roller into the slot under the toner cartridge area until it snaps into place. Lay the transfer roller across the slot and snap it into the right hand side. Replace the toner cartridge.