How to Reset a Sony CD Player (3 Steps)

By Terry Parker

i plastic ballpoint pen image by Alex White from

Many Sony CD players are also equipped with AM/FM radios. These Sony CD players are programmable, meaning you can save your favorite radio stations and audio settings by programming them into the device. However, you can also reset the Sony CD player back to the original factory settings, thus deleting all of your presets. Sony CD players have a Reset button located on the front of the device.

Step 1

Turn the player on, whether by plugging it into a power outlet, or simply running it on battery power. You cannot reset your player without it being turned on.

Step 2

Press the “Reset” button using a small, pointed object, such as the pointed end of a pencil or pen. This tiny, recessed button is usually located on the front of the Sony CD player, but the specific location varies depending on the model. If need be, check the owner’s manual for the exact location.

Step 3

Keep the “Reset” button pressed until the small screen display changes. The original factory settings are restored.