How to Reset a Sirius Radio Tuner

by Nick Davis
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From not functioning properly to turning off automatically, your SIRIUS radio tuner is like any other electronic device and problems do arise. You don't have to send your radio in for repair or contact SIRIUS; you can reset your SIRIUS radio tuner and return it to factory settings. The reset process clears any preset stations stored in the device's memory. You must restore the stations after the reset process is complete via the radio tuner's display.

Step 1

Turn off your SIRIUS radio tuner.

Step 2

Turn the radio tuner around so the back of the unit is facing you.

Step 3

Unplug the radio tuner's power cable from the back of unit. If your SIRIUS radio tuner has a cable connected to the port labeled "CDC," unplug the CDC cable also.

Step 4

Wait 10 seconds.

Reconnect your SIRIUS radio tuner's power cable. Reconnect the CDC cable, if applicable. Turn on the radio to test the unit.

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