How to Reset the Radio Code for a Honda Odyssey

By Soren Bagley

Car Radio
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The radio code is a safety feature equipped on the Honda Odyssey intended to prevent radio theft. Whenever the radio is removed or disconnected from the car battery the radio will require the input of a specific code in order to function. Resetting this code is a simple process but it does require that you first determine the appropriate code for your particular radio. The process for determining this will be easy or difficult depending on whether or not you still have access to the vehicle's service manual.

Step 1

Determine the radio code number. The radio code number is usually four or five digits long and can be found in your vehicle's service manual. If you no longer have access to the service manual you will have to find the radio's serial number. The serial number can be found by removing the stereo from the dash and looking on the radio's base. Once you have the serial number, you will need to call a Honda dealership and have them retrieve your radio code based on this number.

Step 2

Turn on the car. The radio should display the word "code."

Step 3

Enter the radio code by pressing the radio preset buttons that correspond to the numbers in the code. You should hear a beep after the last number has been entered. This indicates that the code has been entered correctly and the radio should begin functioning as normal.