How to Reset the Power Manager on a Dell Inspiron

by James T Wood

The Dell Power Management settings for the Inspiron laptop series are stored in the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS). Power management controls how the computer functions when it's plugged in or running on battery. Such features as standby, hibernation, screen brightness, and CPU throttling can be controlled with the power management settings. Additionally, the charge and discharge levels of the battery are stored in the BIOS and may need to be reset if the battery is not charging correctly.

Step 1

Power off your computer. Power it on and press the "F2" button as the computer is starting to enter the BIOS setup program.

Step 2

Press "Alt+P" to page through the BIOS setting screens until you get to the "Power Management" screen. Press the arrow keys up and down to cycle through the settings. Press the arrow keys left and right to choose different options for each of the settings. You can adjust the power settings to whatever you want.

Press "Esc" to exit the BIOS and save the settings you entered. If you want to reset the BIOS to all of the original settings you can press "Esc" then select "Reset to Factory Defaults" then confirm to exit and reboot your computer.


  • With the computer powered down, remove the battery and hold the power button for 60 seconds to reset the battery use log. This can be a solution for a Inspiron that does not power on.

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