How to Reset a Playaway

By Warren Davies

Resetting wipes your bookmarks and volume settings.
i Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images

When video rental stores were still prevalent, it was considered good etiquette to rewind your tapes before returning them. The same holds true with the Playaway, an audiobook device available in libraries. However, with the Playaway you only need to press a few buttons to get back to the beginning as opposed to waiting long minutes for your VCR to finish rewinding the tape. The process is a little different for the normal and HD Audio versions, so make sure you know which device you're using before you get started.

Step 1

Turn on the device and pause the audio.

Step 2

Press “EQ,” “SP,” “FWD” and “REV” at the same time. If you are using the HD Audio Playaway, reset it to the beginning by pressing “SP” and “REV” together. A message asks you to confirm the reset; press “Play” to confirm. The display screen shows “RESET” to confirm that you have successfully reset the device.

Step 3

Turn the Playaway on again -- it will now be at the beginning.