How to Reset a Pixma 4600

by Jessi Charles

The Canon IP4600 Pixma printer is a multifunctional compact printer. Most people use the IP4600 Pixma printer for their home office. When the IP4600 Pixma malfunctions, resetting the system allows the printer to fix the problem. During the resetting process, the IP4600 Pixma printer reprograms itself, and the memory resets, allowing the printer to function to its full extent.


Unplug the power cord and the USB cable from the Pixma 4600 printer. Locate the cord attached to the printer and the electrical outlet. Remove the cord from the electrical outlet. Pull the base of the USB cord and disconnect it from the printer.


Hold down the "Power" button. The "Power" button is located on the side of the printer.


Connect the Pixma 4600 power cord to the electrical outlet, and continue to push the "Power" button.


Release the "Power" button of the Canon ip4600 Pixma printer to complete the resetting process.

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