How to Reset the PIN Code for Nokia Mobiles

By Ryan Mooney

i Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

The PIN code on Nokia mobile phones is used for multiple security purposes. You can prevent others from making calls, accessing your phone book or other data and even block application usage. Resetting the PIN code will allow you to choose a new code and also let you adjust security settings on the Nokia.

Step 1

Select the “Menu” option from the main screen on the phone.

Step 2

Click the option for “Settings” and then “Security Settings.”

Step 3

Scroll to and select “Change access codes.”

Step 4

Scroll to and click “Change PIN code.”

Step 5

Type in the current PIN code. The default code is either 1234 or 0000 (four zeros).

Step 6

Select the “OK” option to confirm.

Step 7

Type in a new PIN code of your choice and select “OK.” Remember this password for future use. If you lose it and need to change the PIN code again, you will have to completely reset the phone, which may cause you to lose all data.

Step 8

Type in the new PIN code again to confirm that you entered it correctly.

Step 9

Click the option to “Save” and then “OK” to confirmation when a message appears.