How to Reset the Password on Nokia Voicemail

By Qyou Stoval

You may be unable to access important messages on your phone if you lose the password to your Nokia voicemail system. Technical difficulties can also be a reason why you may need to reset your voicemail password. Cellular carriers may have different options for resetting your Nokia voicemail. One method for resetting the voicemail password may not work if you're using a different mobile carrier. The easiest way to reset your password is by contacting your cellular provider.

Step 1

Access your Nokia's main screen to make a phone call and type "#PWD#" and press the green "Send" key. Your voicemail password will default to the last four digits of your mobile phone number. This method will work for those on the T-Mobile network.

Step 2

Access your voicemail from your mobile device pressing and holding the "1" key to access your voicemail. If your voicemail does not request the password, navigate to the necessary prompt that will allow you to reset or change the password.

Step 3

Access your mobile account to reset your password. Sites such as Sprint, Verizon and AT&T allows you to log in to your account to view your bill and also access detailed information about your Nokia phone. Click the option to reset your voicemail password, and the system will inform you what your default password is reset to.

Step 4

Contact your mobile provider's technical support department to reset the password. You may lose any saved voicemail messages and greetings after the password reset.