How to Reset a Password to Log On to iPod When Locked Out

by Cooper Temple

Apple's iPod is one of the most popular personal media players on the market. The iPod may be used to store all of your digital entertainment media including music, videos and images. One of the security features that can be enabled on the iPod player is a four-digit passcode lock. This feature is not enabled by default and you must activate the passcode after you've set up the device. If you misplace or forget your passcode and find yourself locked out of the iPod, you can reset your password by restoring the iPod software.


Connect the iPod to your computer using the USB cable supplied with the device. If iTunes does not open automatically, launch the program on your computer.


Check for updates to the iTunes software. In iTunes, select your iPod under "Devices" and click "Summary." Click the "Check for Update" option. The program will notify you if a new version of the iTunes software is available. You will need the latest version of iTunes to restore the iPod software, so follow the on-screen instructions to update the application if necessary.


Click the "Restore" option. On a Mac, you may be prompted for an administrator name and password. A progress bar will display on your computer screen. Be sure your iPod remains connected to the computer during this process. When finished, the iPod will display the Apple logo and a progress bar while the device software is restored. When this process is complete, the "iTunes Setup Assistant" will appear.


Name the iPod and set your user preferences. This procedure is the same as when you originally set up the iPod. To reset the passcode, touch the "General" option and select "Passcode." Enter a four-digit code in the appropriate field and then enter it again to confirm. The password will now be reset to the new passcode.

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