How to Reset the Password on a Belkin Wireless Router

By Christina Riopelle

A Belkin router connects multiple computers to the Internet.
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Belkin offers a line of wireless routers that transform a computer modem into a home networking device. The router connected to the host computer broadcasts the signal to other authorized computers and visiting laptops. Set an administrative password when you install the device to protect the router's configuration settings. If you lose the password or simply wish to change it, perform a hard reset. Do not unplug the router or shut down the computer. Rather, return to default settings with the reset button.

Step 1

Look for the reset button on the rear or side of the router. It appears as a small hole with a recessed button inside.

Step 2

Insert the end of a paper clip or toothpick into the hole to press the button. Keep pressure on the button for a full 10 seconds.

Step 3

Pull the paper clip or toothpick out.

Step 4

Wait approximately one minute. When the reset completes, the router light appears solid green.

Step 5

Launch your computer's web browser. Type "" into your web browser's address bar. A page titled "Router Setup Utility" appears. Click "Login." Bypass the password prompt by clicking "Submit." When the screen loads, click "Utilities," then "Systems Settings."

Step 6

Type your selected password in the "Type in New Password" and "Confirm Password" fields. Ignore the fields requesting a current password. Finish by clicking "Apply Changes."