How to Reset the Passcode for a Bushnell Trail Camera

By Darla Ferrara

A Bushnell trail camera allows photographers to capture images of wildlife.
i Wildlife image by Albert Lozano from

Bushnell trail cameras, produced by the Bushnell Corp., record still images of wildlife and store them in an SD memory card. These cameras give photographers a way to capture images of animals without being on site. The cameras sit secured to a tree or bush and are activated by a motion detector. Once motion registers, the camera snaps images every few seconds. The passcode feature protects the cameras from intrusion. This is one of the processes that protect the camera when it is working remotely.

Remove the batteries and reinsert them or install new batteries. Locate the battery compartment inside the camera. Pull out the two latches on the right hand side to open the camera. Install four "D" cell batteries into the compartment. The flat base of the batteries should touch the springs in the compartment.

Press and release the power button, which is also inside the camera base. The power button sits above the camera compartment next to the "Menu" button. The display will flash "HHHH," indicating the setup process is active.

Use the factory default password to gain access to the menu. Do this by pressing the "Enter" button above "Menu" inside the camera base. Pressing the "Enter" button four times sets the password to the default setting of "0000."

Follow the LCD screen instructions to set the time and date. Continue through the setup process until the key icon appears. This is the prompt to change the passcode.

Use the "Up" and "Down" keys to select the digits for your new passcode; the "Up" and "Down" keys are next to the Enter button. Set the first digit and press "Enter" to secure it. Repeat this process until the four-digit programming is complete.