How to Reset a Panasonic Radio Security Code

By Andrew Tennyson

Car Radio
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Panasonic requires users to assign security codes to many of its automobile radio receivers as a deterrent against theft. When the radio is initially powered on after being connected to your car battery, you must select a four-digit security code that is stored in the radio's memory. Once the code is set, the unit can only be operated by those who know the security code. Provided you know the code, you can reset it to another four-digit number through the ID-CODE section of the radio's user menu.

Step 1

Press the "Menu" button on the radio receiver to load the main menu.

Step 2

Touch the "User" icon on the screen to load the User menu.

Step 3

Touch "ID-CODE" on the User menu.

Step 4

Enter the radio's current four-digit security code in the "Input the Old ID-CODE" field.

Step 5

Enter a new four-digit security code in the "Input the New ID-CODE" field.

Step 6

Enter the new code a second time in the "Re-Input the New ID-CODE" field. When the two new code fields match, the radio displays a status message that reports "Complete!" This confirms that your code has been reset successfully.