How to Reset a Toshiba P205 Laptop to Factory Specifications

by C.A. Rubino

A computer's operating system is a delicate thing and it doesn't take much to upset it. Virus infections, improper settings, corrupted applications and even clutter can all adversely affect the operating system's performance and functionality. If your computer performs poorly, there is a simple solution: performing a system recover. This will reset the system back to the factory defaults, clearing away any clutter, corruption or infection. Many laptop manufacturers, including Toshiba, include a utility that helps walk you through the recovery process.

Back up any critical data you want to save. A recovery completely erases the contents of the primary hard drive, so all items will be lost after the recovery. Use an external hard drive, USB drive or burnable CD or DVD to save the data.

Shut down the computer.

Hold down the zero key and turn the computer back on. After a few moments, the Recover Utility will appear on the screen. If you are performing the recovery from a CD or DVD, just have the disc in the drive when the computer is turned back on and the utility will start automatically.

Select the first option presented on the recovery utility. The option should be to restore an original factory image. This will erase the hard drive and reset the drive to the original factory state. Do not select this option until you are absolutely sure you are ready as it is irreversible. Select "Yes" to begin the recovery.

Wait for the recovery to be completed. The amount of time depends on the specifications of the laptop. The recovery utility will prompt you to restart the computer when it is finished.

Follow the on-screen prompts to configure the operating system. The system might need some basic information when it is run for the first time. Fill out the information and wait for Windows to finish the setup.

Double-click the "Toshiba Application Installer", located on the desktop. This will automatically reinstall any required drivers. If the application is not there, you might have to locate and install some drivers manually.


  • check Not all P205 laptops have the recovery utility built in. If it is not included on the hard drive, or the hard drive has been replaced, you will need to run the utility from a recovery CD. You can order a recovery CD from Toshiba if need be.


  • close Any data still on the drive when the recovery is performed will be permanently lost. Back up all files and documents that you are not willing to lose.
  • close Be sure the laptop is plugged into the wall during the recovery. Do not interrupt or power down the laptop while the recovery utility is running. This could corrupt the procedure, meaning you will have to start over.

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