How to Reset a Navigon 2100

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Navigon 2100 is a small GPS unit primarily used in vehicles. If you are having trouble with your Navigon 2100, you may want to reset the unit. This can often fix problems such as lagging or sluggishness. The other reset option is known as a factory reset, or a hard reset. This reset option returns the Navigon 2100 to its original settings, but it does not erase the system's memory.

Soft-Reset the Navigon 2100

Turn the Navigon 2100 over and view its bottom edge. You'll see a small, unmarked button.

Press and hold the button. This is the "Reset" button.

Release the button when the Navigon 2100's screen turns off. The unit is now resetting itself.

Factory-Reset the Navigon 2100

Touch the "Options" button on the bottom of the touch screen.

Touch the "Settings" button, and then touch the "Options" button to enter the submenu.

Touch "Factory Settings," and then touch "OK" to confirm. The Navigon 2100 will now reset. When it starts back up, the unit is reverted to the factory settings.

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