How to Reset Your Monitor Settings on an HP Laptop

By Kenrick Callwood

Windows makes it easy to change the monitor settings on an HP Laptop.
i laptop image by Du...¬°an Zidar from

Windows makes it extremely easy to change almost all of the settings that affect the look and feel of the operating system and how the hardware functions. This makes it quick and simple to change such things as your monitor settings. Obviously individual users have different preferences for how things appear on their monitors, for example, the icon size, wallpaper, font color, etc. Changing your monitor settings on your HP laptop takes less than two minutes to accomplish.

Right-click on a blank part of your Desktop.

Select "Personalize" from the contextual menu.

Click "Display Settings."

Change the basic display settings as desired, then click on "Advanced Settings" if the desired options are not available.

Click "Apply" and Windows will show a preview of the new settings.

Click "Yes" to keep the selected settings or "No" to select a new configuration.