How to Reset the Microprocessor on an RCI-2950

By Darla Ferrara

The RCI-2950 is a citizens' band radio (CB) from RangerUSA. The RCI series consists of CBs with 10 and 12 meter bands, variable output power control, noise blanker and 10 programmable frequencies. The microprocessor in this unit controls the electronic components that manage memory settings and overall function. Reset the microprocessor by detaching the power source for several minutes.

Turn the unit around so that the rear panel faces the front. Locate the 13.8V DC power cable. The connection has two wires, black and red that feed into a central plug. The plugs sit on the right side of the panel, near the bottom.

Disconnect the cable. Leave it unplugged from the unit for five minutes.

Push the plug back into the socket connection.

Rotate the radio so the front panel in facing forward. Locate the On/Off power button on the upper right side. The power button is the second knob on the top level. Turn the unit on. You will need to reset all programming and channels.