How to Reset a Meade Autostar

By Lynn Hartz

The Meade Autostar computer controller helps to connect a computer to a Meade telescope. You can read a range of meteoric and other astronomic data on your computer after focusing the telescope with the help of the instrument. You need to align and reset Meade Autostar each time you use it for greater accuracy. You also need to reset Autostar in order to use the instrument with different telescopes.

Turn off the power at the Meade telescope control panel.

Insert the coil cord plug into the coil cord port. Take the other end of the coil chord and plug into the computer control panel port of the telescope also called the HBX or "handbox" port.

Turn on the computer control panel power switch of the Meade telescope.

Locate the "Set Up" menu and find the "Reset" option.

Select the reset option and being the initializing process by entering information required by Autostar to reset the system. You will need to reset the language, adjust the scrolling speed, the time and daylight savings details as well as the telescope model to initialize Autostar after reset.

Turn the power off and on again if the instrument does not display reset messages as soon as you start the reset process. Press the "Mode" option and Autostar automatically resets to factory settings, and you can start the initialization through the "Set Up" menu.