How to Reset Margins in Yahoo! Mail

By John Ruiz

Yahoo! Mail is a free Web mail provider that lets you send and receive emails and chat with other Yahoo! account holders in your address book just by using your Web browser. Maximizing your Web browser is usually the most efficient way to read or compose emails unless you notice some issues with the margins that may affect the Yahoo! Mail layout. Restore your browser zoom level and erase any indentations to reset the margin properly.

Step 1

Hold the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard, and press "0" to reset your browser's zoom level. If you are doing this with the numeric keypad, activate your "Num Lock" key first.

Step 2

Right-click the large text area below the mail formatting toolbar if you are composing or replying to an email. Click "Select All" from the popup menu to highlight all the text and objects in your email.

Step 3

Click the icon on the formatting toolbar that represents indentation to see a small popup menu. Select the "Decrease Indent" option to reduce the left margin. Repeat this step until you cannot trim the left margin any further so your text area margin resets.