How to Reset the Parental Locks on Dish Network

By Bonnie Crowe

A young girl is watching tv.
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Dish TV offers three kinds of parental controls: Ratings Lock, which lets you limit which shows your child can see by MPAA rating or by the TV Guidelines Board ratings; Channel Lock, which prohibits your child from watching selected TV channels; and PPV Lock, which disables the Pay Per View and Video On Demand channels. You can also hide all locked channels or all adult channels from your remote's program guide. Once these controls are set, they can easily be reset with the click of a few buttons.

Resetting the Locks

Navigate to the “Locks” menu on your Dish receiver using your remote control. To unlock all the locks you have already set, including parental control ratings lock, click on “Unlock System” and enter the password you chose when you added the parental controls. To unlock Pay Per View, select “Unlock PPV” and confirm the action. To unhide locked channels, select “Unhide Locked” and confirm the selection. To unhide adult, select “Unhide Adult” and confirm the change.