How to Reset a Linksys VoIP Phone Adapter

By Nachiket Deshmukh

Linksys phone adapters work with VoIP phone services to connect up to two phone lines through a high-speed broadband connection. This allows you to use your home phone service from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Occasionally you might need to reset the adapter to its default factory settings as part of troubleshooting or if you forget the password.

Step 1

Connect a telephone to the Phone 1 port on the Linksys phone adapter.

Step 2

Connect the Ethernet port on the Linksys adapter to a spare port on your cable modem using an Ethernet cable.

Step 3

Enter "*" and then *73738# from the phone connected to the Linksys adapter and dial 8995523# or 7756112# or 5465866# or 50274537# or 78196365# when prompted for a password.

Step 4

Press 1 and then # on the keypad to reset the Linksys phone adapter to its default factory settings. Hang up the phone.