How to Reset Linksys ATA to Factory Defaults

By Editorial Team

Updated December 12, 2019

The Linksys Pap2 is an analog telephone adapter (ATA) that allows you to make VoIP phone calls over the Internet. Learn how to reset the device to its factory defaults.

Connect the power adapter to the ATA and plug it into a power source. Next, connect your phone to one of the two phone ports on the ATA using a standard phone cord. If the device has booted up, you should notice that the power LED lights a blue light. This indicates that the Configuration menu can be accessed to reset the device.

Pick up the phone that you just connected to the ATA and press the "*" key four times. You should hear a voice stating, "Entering Linksys Configuration menu."

Next, press "73738#." When requested, press "1" to confirm. This sets the device to its factory defaults and reboots it.


The factory default setting does not have the password set, so be sure to set a password shortly after resetting it.

The IP address may not be the same after you reset the device to factory defaults. Enter the Configuration menu again and use the code "110" to obtain the new IP address.