How to Reset an iPhone Passcode With a Computer

By Amanda Gronot

The iPhone will be disabled if you enter the wrong passcode too many times.
i Daniel Barry/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you forgot your iPhone's passcode, reset your iPhone by connecting it to your computer and using iTunes to restore it to factory settings. You can then immediately re-sync your media, contacts and apps, though you may lose some of your data. You must reset your iPhone using the computer with which it was last synced: this prevents your iPhone from being reset if it is stolen.

Connect the iPhone to the computer with which it was last synced.

Open iTunes and click on the name of your iPhone under "Devices" on the left side of the screen.

Click the "Restore" button in the center panel.

Follow the instructions to complete the restore. Leave the iPhone plugged in at all times.

Choose to set up the iPhone as a new phone when you reach the end of the restore and the prompt appears on the iTunes screen.

Follow the onscreen instructions to name your iPhone and configure its syncing settings.