How to Reset an iPad Password

by Zicheng Ren
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Passcodes protect your iPad from unauthorized use and should be changed frequently for maximum security. If you haven't forgotten your current passcode but are ready to update it to a new one, you can do so in the Settings app on your iPad. By default, passcodes can be any combination of four digits. In addition to changing your passcode, you can also change passcode settings such as how long it is, what characters it can contain and how long after entering sleep mode you can wait before having to enter the passcode again.

Step 1


Go to "Settings" on your iPad.

Step 2


Scroll down in the Settings menu and tap "Passcode." If you are using an iPad with iOS 7.0.6 or earlier, tap "General" to access the Passcode Lock screen.

Step 3

Enter your passcode.

Enter your current passcode in the Enter Passcode window.

Step 4


Tap "Change Passcode" in the Passcode Lock screen.

Step 5

Enter your current passcode.

Enter your current passcode once more.

Enter a new passcode.

Enter the new passcode you want to use.


  • For added security, you can create a new passcode that contains more than four digits. In the Passcode Lock section of Settings, toggle off the Simple Passcode option. After entering your current passcode, you can then enter a new passcode using more than four characters, including letters and symbols.
  • You can also change the amount of time your iPad must be in sleep mode before requiring you to enter the passcode again by tapping "Require Passcode" on the Lock Passcode screen. You can choose from a number of time settings ranging from Immediate up to four hours.


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