How to Reset an Internet Browser

by Andrew Todd

If you have made changes to your Internet browser, or the browser is not loading web pages correctly, resetting the browser to its default settings often will resolve any problems. Internet Explorer and Firefox allow you to completely reset a browser, but doing so will erase all browser settings, including bookmarks, saved passwords and toolbars.


Open the "Start" menu and click "Run."

Type "Firefox--safe-mode" into the Run text box and click "OK." Windows Vista and Windows 7 users can type the command directly into the search box, located on the "Start" menu.

Place a check mark beside the box labeled "Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults."

Click "Make changes and restart."

Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer and ensure that only one Internet Explorer window is open.

Click "Tools," which is located in the top right corner of the screen, and then select "Internet Options."

Click the tab labeled "Advanced" at the top of the "Internet Options" window.

Click "Reset" at the bottom of the "Advanced" tab and then click "Reset" again when prompted.

Click "OK" in the two dialog boxes that will appear, then close Internet Explorer. The next time Internet Explorer is opened, it will use the default settings.

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