How to Reset With HTC Sense

by Nicole Vulcan

When your HTC Sense starts acting up, you can usually quickly get all the programs back to normal by performing a reset. There are two reset options: a "soft" reset that simply shuts down your programs, and a "hard" reset that will restore the phone to their factory settings. Try the soft reset first, then move onto the hard reset if that doesn't help. The hard reset will delete any new programs you've installed as well as any data or pictures you've added to the device, so back up your device beforehand if possible.

Soft Reset


Remove the stylus from the bottom right side of the phone by pressing the stylus slot. That will release the stylus from its storage location.


Slide the back cover away from the front panel to remove the back cover.


Press the Reset button using the stylus. The reset button is on the upper left side of the back panel.


Slide the back cover back onto the phone. The phone will turn off and back on.

Hard Reset


Hold down the Power button at the top of the phone to turn it off.


Hold down the Talk/Send and End keys, located on the bottom left and right of the front panel. After a few seconds, keep your fingers on those buttons, and also hold down the Power button.


Wait until you see a warning message appear on your screen alerting you that the operation will delete your personal data, then release the three buttons you're holding down.

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