How to Reset an HP J6480

by Steven Symes

HP provided a way to partially reset the Officejet J6480 in the event you have a problem with the printer that you cannot resolve otherwise. Before resetting the printer, be aware that performing the reset will erase all of the fax numbers in memory -- and the menu settings, parameter values, and country and language settings will all be returned to the factory defaults. Performing the actual reset does not require advanced computer or printer knowledge, and takes less than five minutes to complete.

Turn the printer on by pressing the "Power" button. Copy down any fax numbers stored on the printer you want to keep and do not have elsewhere.

Remove the power cord from the back of the J6480. Leave the power cord unplugged from the printer for at least 20 seconds.

Hold down the "#" and "3" buttons on the printer's numeric keypad. Continue holding the buttons down as you plug the power cord back into its slot on the back of the printer.

Stop holding down the "#" and "3" buttons once the printer turns itself on. The J6480 has now been reset.