How to Reset the HDMI Port on a Sony Television

By Daniel Hatter

A GXT four-way switch lets you connect four devices to one port.
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Every input connection on Sony HDTVs has an assignable label. Assigning input labels to your HDTV connections will make switching inputs a lot faster as you'll be able to see which input you want to use right away. Depending on the source device you have connected to an input, you could set your label to something like "Cable box," "Blu-ray player" or "Game console." If you switched the device you have connected to one of your Sony HDTV's HDMI ports, reset the HDMI port label and then relabel it.

Step 1

Unplug the desired HDMI device from the TV. Plug another HDMI device into the port.

Step 2

Turn on the TV and press the "Menu" button on the Sony HDTV remote control. Open the "Settings" menu and navigate to and select the "AV Setup" menu option.

Step 3

Select the "Manage Inputs" item in the AV Setup menu. All your inputs and input labels are shown here. Choose the "Always" option to show the input labels all the time and then select your HDMI input.

Step 4

Select the "Edit" option to open the input's label-editing page and then press the "Backspace" button on the onscreen keyboard as many times as necessary to reset the label. Type in the desired input label for the HDMI port and press the "Back" button on the remote to save the new label.