How to Reset a GPX Player

by Kallie Johnson

A GPX MP3 player stores and plays digital music files. The digital files can be downloaded onto a computer and then transferred to the device with a USB cable. Once music is on the GPX MP3 player, headphones or small speakers can be plugged into the headphone jack so the music can be heard by the user. If the screen freezes or the MP3 player is malfunctioning, resetting the device may help fix the problem. In fact, the first step in troubleshooting should be resetting the device.

Hold down the "Power" button, located on top of the GPX MP3 player, until the device shuts off.

Straighten a paper clip.

Insert a paper clip into the small reset hole, located on the back of the device. Inside the hole is a "Reset" button. Apply enough pressure so the paperclip pushes the button.

Remove the paperclip from the hole after holding down the "Reset" button for five seconds.

Hold down the "Power" button until the unit powers on.

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