How to Reset a Garmin Lock

By William Pullman

The Garmin Lock prevents unauthorized use of your GPS device.
i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Garmin GPS devices are manufactured with the Garmin Lock application, which secures your device by prompting you for a four-digit personal identification number each time the GPS unit is turned on. The PIN is created when you turn on Garmin Lock. In addition, you can set up a secure location as a method for unlocking the Garmin Lock. After creating your secure location, the Garmin GPS unit unlocks the device when the unit is at your location. You may decide at a later time to update the PIN and security location. You can reset both security features through the Garmin menu interface.

Step 1

Turn on your Garmin GPS device and enter the PIN. You created the PIN when you set the lock. If you forgot the PIN, take the device to your security location, which you also set when you set the lock. The device is automatically unlocked when taken to your security location.

Step 2

Tap "Tools," "Settings" and "System" or "Security," depending on your GPS model. If your device doesn't have a "Tools" option, click "Settings" and then "System." You'll see "Garmin Lock" in the menu list with a switch next to it labeled "On," indicating that Garmin Lock is enabled.

Step 3

Touch the "On" switch next to "Garmin Lock" to change the switch to "Off," which disables the security feature. The PIN and security location are reset when Garmin Lock is turned off.

Step 4

Tap the "Off" switch to change it back to "On," enabling Garmin Lock again. An onscreen keypad appears, which you use to create a new PIN.

Step 5

Enter a four-digit PIN, and then enter it a second time to confirm. The lock is reset to your new PIN and a message appears prompting you to set the security location.

Step 6

Drive your vehicle to the place where you want to set the security location, such as your home, taking care to choose a place with a clear view of the sky.

Step 7

Tap "Set" on the screen to set the security location.