How to Reset a Garmin Colorado GPS

By KR Knowlin

The Garmin Colorado series of all-terrain handheld GPS navigators is designed to help you find your destination, regardless of where it may be. If your device is malfunctioning, perform a reset as a troubleshooting option to restore the unit back to its factory state. You may also find the reset procedure useful if you want to completely wipe the device. Resetting the Garmin Colorado will erase all user information.

Step 1

Turn off the device.

Step 2

Press and hold down both "Soft" keys and the "Power" button. The left "Soft" key is at the top of the left side of the front panel. The right "Soft" key is at the top of the right side of the front panel.

Step 3

Release the "Power" button when the unit turns on.

Step 4

Release the "Soft" keys when the screen reads, "Do You Want to Clear All User Data?" Select the "Yes" option.

Step 5

Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to complete the reset.