How to Reset a Freesat HD Receiver

by Nick Davis
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A free digital satellite television service in the United Kingdom, Freesat offers both standard and high-definition (HD) television programming along with programs from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Independent Television (ITV) stations. The satellite service provides each subscriber an HD receiver. The receiver processes the broadcast signal and sends it to your television. Like other electronic equipment, problems and issues do arise requiring the receiver to be reset. Resetting your Freesat HD receiver is done through the device's menu function.

Step 1

Press the "Menu" button on your Freesat HD receiver's remote control.

Step 2

Use the "S/T" button to select "Setup."

Step 3

Press the "OK" button.

Step 4

Use the "S/T" button to select "Factory Reset."

Step 5

Press the "OK" button.

Step 6

Select "Yes" when prompted about resetting the Freesat HD receiver. Press the "OK" button to confirm your selection.

Step 7

Enter "0000" at the password prompts.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the channel setup once the reset process is done.


  • The reset process deletes any stored data within the Freesat HD receiver, including antenna settings, channel list and any other user-entered data.


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