How to Reset an Ethernet Card for an iMac

by Tommy Charles
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The iMac is a line of personal computers produced by Apple that contains hardware with which the user can access the Internet. The iMac's built-in Ethernet card allows the user to connect her iMac laptop or desktop computer directly to a wired network via an Ethernet cable. This card automatically starts at startup, and does not alter its functionality unless instructed to do. As with any electronic device, it is possible for the iMac's Ethernet card to malfunction. In such an instance, it may be prudent to reset it.

Step 1

Point the mouse cursor to the Apple Menu and click " System Preferences."

Step 2

Point the mouse cursor to the second row of options and click "Network."

Step 3

Click the small arrows beside the "Show" option, and select "Network Port Configurations."

Step 4

Click within the small blue checkbox beside "Built-in Ethernet" so that it is unchecked.

Step 5

Click "Apply Now."

Step 6

Press "Ctrl,' "Command," and "Eject" at the same time to restart your iMac.

Step 7

Repeat steps 1 through 3 to gain access to the "Network Configurations" dialog box.

Click within the box beside the "Built-in Ethernet" option, then click "Apply."


  • The "Eject" key on the iMac keyboard is located on the upper right-hand side, and is represented by the typical "eject" icon found on most VCR and DVD players.

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