How to Reset an Epson Dx4400

By Ryan Casima

Reset an Epson Dx4400
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Epson is infamous for including electronic chips in its ink cartridges that disable the ink cartridge once the ink level reaches a certain low point or if the cartridge is tampered with. However, resetting the ink cartridges for the Epson Stylus DX4400 printer, which are the T0711, T0712, T0713 and T0714 cartridges, is possible with a special chip resetter that can be purchased from any major print shop or ink store.

Remove the Epson ink cartridges from the DX4400 printer and place them on a few paper towels to prevent stains.

Attach the adapter on the chip resetter to the rear port on the Epson cartridge. Hold the adapter against the cartridge port for 3-4 seconds, or until the green light on the chip resetter flashes.

Repeat this process for every ink cartridge in the DX4400 that you want to reset.