How to Reset an Eclipse Stereo

By Nichole Liandi

Car stereos produced by Eclipse are well regarded for their dependability and excellent sound quality. However, even the best car stereo may run into internal malfunctions which can require a "reset." Knowing how to do this will save time and money, and may prevent you from trashing a perfectly good stereo.

Remove the faceplate of the stereo. With most Eclipse stereos, look in the bottom left of the faceplate for a button that releases the faceplate. Grasp the faceplate, press the button to release the faceplate and remove it. Set the faceplate aside.

Look on the front of the stereo for a small button. With most models, it's located to the right side of the stereo.

Press the button with the tip of a ballpoint pen. Hold it in for 2 to 3 seconds, then remove.

Put the faceplate back onto the stereo and turn the power on. Test operation of the stereo.