How to Reset An Eclipse ESN CD Player

By Tatyana Ivanov

Reset An Eclipse ESN CD Player
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Eclipse ESN CD players are car audio stereo systems equipped with the Eclipse Security Network. This network guarantees theft protection for the CD player and interface, as it requires a key CD be used anytime system power is reset. After purchasing and installing your Eclipse CD player, you select a key CD to be used to unlock and reset the system. If you need to reset the system, it can easily be done at home.

Start your car.

Press the "Power" button on the CD changer to switch it on.

Press the "Preset 1" and "AM-FM" buttons simultaneously. Hold them until the CD player display flashes "Disc."

Insert the key CD that you programmed when you installed the ESN CD player. Wait for the display to read "Cncl." This deactivates the system.

With the vehicle still running, hit the "Power" button twice to turn the CD player off and on.

Repeat Step 3.

Insert the new key CD of your choice. The display flashes the word "Sec," alerting you that the system has been reset and activated with your new key CD.

Accidental Locking

If you have lost your key CD and locked the system, the CD player must be sent to the manufacturer to be reset. As the ESN is in place to prevent theft, you must provide proof of purchase to the manufacturer.

With your vehicle and CD player turned on, press and hold the "FM-AM" and "Preset 4" buttons until the serial number flashes on the screen. Write down the serial number.

Call Eclipse customer service at 310-327-2151. Explain that your system has locked and that you need it reset. The operator will provide details about how and where to send your system to be reset.