How to Reset Your DriveLock Password

By Suvro Banerji

A DriveLock prevents unauthorized access to your hard drive. When you enable DriveLock protection, you need a password. A DriveLock typically involves a user password and a master password. Although these passwords can be the same, it may be a good idea to keep them different so you can still access the hard drive if you forget one of them. You may require administrative rights to reset a DriveLock password.

Start your computer and press "F10" while the "F10 = ROM Based Setup" message is displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Use your arrow keys to select the "Security" menu. Click "DriveLock Passwords." Press "Enter."

Select the location of your hard drive. Press "F10."

Choose the field for the DriveLock password that you wish to change.

Type the current password in the "Old Password" field. Type the new password in the "New Password" field. Type the new password again in the "Verify New Password" field. Press "F10."

Select "File." Click "Save Changes and Exit." This will restart your computer.