How to Reset a Creative Zen Player

By Chad Anderson

Resetting a Creative Zen MP3 player is the quickest way to revert the Zen back to its original, out-of-the-box state. Whether selling your Creative Zen, starting over from scratch, or just trying to fix software issues with a hard reset, the reset process is straightforward and doesn't require technical knowledge.

Bend the ends of a paper clip outward until it is entirely straightened. Paper clips fit reset buttons and forced ejection buttons better than any other common household item.

Turn off your player and hold down the "Play/Pause" button while inserting the paper clip into the reset hole on the bottom of the player. Slide the "On/Off/Lock" switch toward the "Power" button until a menu appears on the screen. Choose the "Clean Up" option from the list to clean up the Zen's memory or the "Format All" option to completely erase everything on the player.

Choose the "Reboot" option from the menu after the Zen has completed the assigned task.