How to Reset a Creative ZEN MP3

By Kefa Olang

The Creative Zen V Plus lets you take your music and media anywhere.

If your Creative ZEN MP3 player is constantly freezing, hanging up or failing to perform as expected, resetting it is a troubleshooting action that can solve common problems. When you perform a reset, the player's settings are restored to the default factory state without deleting saved media files such as pictures, music and videos. You can reset your Creative ZEN MP3 player as often as you feel is necessary to improve your player's performance.

Step 1

Press the "Power" button to turn off your Creative ZEN MP3 player. If the player is not responding and won't turn off, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

Locate the reset hole. It's usually located on the bottom of the player; however, refer to your player's manual if you don't know where the reset hole is located on your model.

Step 3

Insert a pointed object such as a straightened paper clip or pin into the reset hole. Press the "Reset" button inside the hole gently, then remove the object. The Creative ZEN MP3 player reboots automatically.