How to Reset My Craigslist Page

By Elijah Chau

Craigslist's numerous local sites allow you to locate items and services that are relevant to your location. The website's ability to automatically default to your current location in an Internet browser can come in handy when you're frequently checking Craigslist, but if you want to check a different Craigslist location, this can quickly become troublesome. However, it's easy to reset your Craigslist settings directly through an Internet browser.

Go to Craigslist in your Internet browser. The webpage will default to the last local Craigslist site you visited in the browser.

Navigate to the "Nearby CL" bar on the right-hand side of the browser. This will list other Craigslist pages for cities and areas that are close to your current Craigslist page. The submenu below this will display additional Craigslist locations for different states and countries.

Use these submenus to locate the Craigslist page to which you want to navigate.

Click the page's link to open it in the browser. This will be some variation of "" --- "" for Atlanta, for instance. This will finish the resetting process. Once you type in into your Internet browser, it will default to this new location.