How to Reset an HP Computer Back to a Specific Date

By Paul Ramone

Restore your HP computer to a previous date.
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The system restore feature in the Windows operating system is put in place to restore computers to a previously saved state in the case of a threatening virus, bug or system crash. On your HP computer, you can take advantage of the Windows feature by accessing the system restore application. Restoring the computer is simple and completely reversible.

Click the "Start" button from the desktop of your computer and select "Programs."

Choose "Accessories > System Tools > System Restore."

Click "Next" in the System Restore application window.

Choose a date to restore your computer. Click a date on the calendar on the left side of the open window and click "Next."

Click "Next" to begin the system restore. The computer will restart in the save-state that you chose. To undo the changes, click "Restore to previous point" in the System Restore window.