How to Reset a Compaq Computer

By TS Jordan

Resetting your your HP Compaq computer to its original state can be necessary where you have contracted a virus or other unremovable malware, leaving you with few options aside from performing a full wipe of your system to remove the threat. This can be accomplished with the recovery center in your Compaq computer, but note that you should first back up any necessary personal files, because they will be erased during the process.

Step 1

Click "Start" and click "Programs."

Step 2

Open the "HP System Recovery" program.

Step 3

Press "OK" to reboot into recovery mode.

Step 4

Select "Advanced" options and press "Enter" to select the option to perform a "Destructive" recovery. This will automatically reset your computer to factory condition. All you will need to do is reboot the computer when prompted to complete the process.